7 Provincias

Did you know there are seven provincias in Costa Rica and its entire east coast is in Limón? Back in July when Phineas had a two week break from his school here and Fiona was waiting for hers to start, I decided to take the kids on a trip to someplace beautiful and special in Limon.  Carlos couldn’t join – so it was just the two kids and mom on a Costa Rican adventure.

It was a 5+ hour 257 kilometer drive from our house across the country to get to our destination. .. . Playa Chiquita!   Carlos and I have great memories of going there to play back before we had children.

Fiona still remembers a few things from our visit ten years ago:  all the little sky-blue crabs who popped out of their sand holes and when we had to stomp our feet as we walked back from the beach at night on a jungle path teeming with leaf-cutter ants.

My little family at Playa Chiquita in 2007.  Fiona was a single child after her little sister died.

Playa Chiquita and especially the nearby Refugio Nacional Gandoca-Manzanillo were some of the places that comforted us most during the hardest days of our grief.  Childhood cancer had taken our daughter Althea from us six months earlier.

In this tropical paradise teeming with life, it became easier to keep our promise to honor our daughter’s life: Enjoy whatever time we still had left and be grateful for it.

Five year-old Fiona plays in a warm tidal pool in the coral at Playa Chiquita.  The 1991 the Limon earthquake killed 47 people and was the strongest recorded in Costa Rica’s history.  The 7.7 magnitude quake caused 6ft 1 in of uplift at the waterfront and left coral and sand bluffs exposed.
The jungle path from the beach.

Fiona, Phineas and I arrived at Yemanya Lodge at dusk.  

It was almost dark when we were shown to our house on stilts.  I had made a last minute Airbnb reservation and there weren’t many choices available for that week in July.  I decided to go with one of the less expensive options.   It turned out that Yemanya Lodge is very rustic.

These cabins have few walls and are basically platforms on stilts open to the jungle.   They come equipped with fans and mosquito nets intended to keep you from being eaten alive and getting Zika or Dengue or Chikungunya.    to be continued. . . 



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