Escuela Colina Azul



Phineas started school in Costa Rica yesterday – less than two weeks after finishing first grade in North Carolina.  He goes to Escuela Colina Azul – a small private school on a hillside in Atenas.  It has mostly Costa Rican students – but a handful of international ones as well.  And like most of Atenas – it has an amazing view of mountains, valleys and volcanoes.

He only went for a half day – but came home full of stories.  He is especially excited about his new friend who speaks both English and Spanish.  He is also excited about all the iguanas running around the campus.  His classes are mostly in Spanish – with an English class to start out the day and an English Science class twice per week.

Today is el dia de educacion fisica.  That means that after lunch – his class walks down a jungle path to a park where they will have swimming lessons and then play soccer.  He’ll be there for a full day today already –  from 8 until 3.  We are so proud of him.  There will probably be a day sometime soon when he announces that he hates school and will never go back again (he is Phineas after all) – but for now he likes it.

And Phineas being Phineas – he has already developed a nasty rash around his mid-section which we think might be caused by the tropical heat.  Atenas has a mild temperature – low 80’s during the day and low 60’s at night – but it is the tropics and the rainy season.  Funky mystery rashes come with the territory.

Fiona has had two days of testing and interviews for her school, Country Day.  The current campus is almost an hour drive away – but they will open a new one in August that should be about a 20 minute drive (unless you are stuck behind an ancient overloaded truck on the national highway that goes down to one lane in many sections.)    We wait to hear if she’ll be granted admission – but I don’t see why they wouldn’t want to have Fiona (and our money!)

While we look forward to unpacking our suitcases and settling down in Atenas, our search for a long term house continues. . . .

Update:  we found a house


One thought on “Escuela Colina Azul

  1. Hi,
    I saw that you started following my blog and so I found yours. Your story is incredible. I am so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what it has been like for your family but I appreciate your sharing it and I admire your family’s decision to embrace life to the fullest.
    I see that you have Phineas at Colina Azul. We actually looked at that school when we briefly visited Atenas. We decided on a coastal town for our move but are now reconsidering and looking into the Grecia/Atenas area. I would love to talk to about your experience in Atenas so far, both with school and the town. Would you be willing to email? Mine is
    I hope to hear from you!


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